Z - Jump

X - Whip/Dash

A - Moonjump

"+" or "-" (Num.Pad) - Control HP

A quick test on re-creating Shantae's movement, using my Clickteam Fusion engine RPM - Rage's Platformer Movement. Mostly wanted to see how well the engine handles HTML5 exporting. Only has two areas with pretty backgrounds.

Will be updated over time.

Sprites ripped by RandomTBush

Shantae is (c) WayForward

Update 1-1-17

-Added Small Enemy Crabs, so you can do something other than walk around. Shantae can now be hurt, and launches differently depending on how you collide with the enemy. They'll respawn once you leave the area.

-Shantae now has a Low HP Idle animation

-Fixed the waterfall from breaking

-Fixed the metronome yet again

-Hearts now have a black background.

Update 12-30-16

-Added another small area, located at the bottom exit of the first screen. This tests pausing the metronome (i.e. the heartbeats) and having the new Room Origin Widget work in a small space.

-Re-synced the Metronome so the hearts stay on beat with the music.

-You can edit how much HP you have. Hearts beat differently depending on how full it is.


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Cool...plays like the real one!

This is rather cool, interested to see where this goes. Happy new year.

not sure how far I'll take it yet. This is more of a learning project, looking to see what can be done with my platformer engine. I'll still be picking at it over time though, so who knows!

Happy New year!


I like it!

many thanks! :)