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Latest Update: 2-17-20

Don't have Clickteam Fusion 2.5? Head on over to Clickteam's website!

NOTE: RPM Plus REQUIRES the Fusion 2.5+ DLC! A version is available for standard Fusion 2.5 as well! 

RPM - Super Basic Edition (RPM v1.0) is now free! 

Visit the official topic on the Clickteam forums for support and more!

Check out Volnaiskra's volCAMERA for an additional camera system for RPM!

A new general purpose FastLoop platformer movement engine designed for Clickteam Fusion 2.5! RPM includes:

    • Float-based, for smoother character movement
    • FastLoop-based collision detection, which can be modified even during play
    • Can be Frame Dependent or Frame Independent (Frame Skipping)
    • Character Linkage: Simply add you character to the Group.Player qualifier and the engine automatically applies basic animations and sets it to the mask
    • Group-Based objects: Turn active objects into solid objects, jump-thru platforms, moving platform, ladder, etc.
    • Slopes, including slopes that can be jumped thru the bottom
    • Support for Horizontal, Vertical, Rotating, and even Physics moving platforms
    • Built-in pause function
    • Custom smooth scrolling Camera
    • Options to toggle Jumping, Crawling, Crouch Jumping, Ceiling Slide, Jumping Down Platforms, etc
    • Basic XBOX Controller support, with the option to easily add more thru the Player Input Widget (which the engine reads as input)
    • Basic Metronome, which can detect beats and off-beats, and determine accuracy.
    • Animation Control Widget: Enable or disable any of the basic animations (even from behaviors) to allow custom animations, or used "Forced Animation" to manually control an animation
    • Uses XBOX Gamepad, Physics, and Advanced Direction extensions
    • Includes a super basic example starring my character, Angela!
    • Basic 2-Player support
    • Generate multiple "rooms" within the same frame
    • Option to toggle 8-Direction Movement
    • And many more...

This movement can be used commercially, non-commercially, or for learning purposes. The only stipulations are that the engine source cannot be shared/re-sold, nor can the Angela character be used commercially without explicit permission

The demonstration file contains an .EXE with 4 examples I developed to see what type of movements I create. This includes Yoshi's Island, an "Out-of-the-Box" sample, a "Greninja Gaiden" type thing (using the excellent sprites by Neweegee), and a basic Shantae example (mostly to test animation). Be sure to read the control file, there's a lot of stuff involved!

All of the demonstrations run on the exact same code, using behaviors and widgets to make each character different.

For legal reasons, the demonstration characters are not included in the paid packaged. They're a free download to show how the engine functions! However, you do need the engine source to actually use them, as they rely on behaviors.

This works best with the Windows exporter.

Special Thanks:

NB-The-Dragon, Neweegee, Luke T., Kritter, DinnerSonic, darkFunction, Volnaiskra, Furriokun, Johnathan Verge, Aroka, Charmandrigo, Zevifa, and tons of others <3

Update 2-17-20

-Cleaned up some leftover code from the Player Attributes Widget.

-Added the ability to disable RPM's Animation system in the Engine Widget.

Update 2-15-20

-Added BoostX to the Player Mask, BoostX Decel to the Player Attributes Widget, and PlayerBoosting to the Player States Widget. This is an additional layer of speed that can stack on top of the current XSpeed of the player. Use Num.Pad 4 and 6 for a temporary boost in speed. This utilizes the RePosX feature of the Attributes Widget, so keep that in mind if you use it for something else. Note that by default RPM will not apply any animations while boosting, so special animations need to be manually added.

-Added a simple Wind Tunnel gadget that pushes the player upwards. If you hold the jump button, the player can launch out higher.

-Redid the Ceiling Detector scaling to factor in different mask sizes. The Engine Widget now records the mask's original width and height at the start of the frame to determine how large the detector should be when the player crouches. The ceiling detector ideally should be about 6 pixels high.

-The size of the mask when crouching was adjusted to be 12 pixels by default, or half of the original size. 

-RePosX/RePosY will no longer apply if a detector collides with a wall, as opposed to relying only on pushout.

-Pushout strength (forcing the mask out of scenery) can now be modified in the Engine Widget.

-The default Ground Correction Loops value is now 30.

-The default Stick To Ground value is now 3.

-Fixed an issue where the mask would sometimes be pushed back a few pixels if you jumped into a wall.

-Fixed an issue where disabling Player Collisions didn't actually disable all collisions.

-Fixed an issue where using Player Pause would still add towards FloatX/FloatY, which would hinder collisions and the camera.

-Fixed an issue where the Climbing animation wouldn't play if Ignore Player Pause was active.

Update 2-14-20

RPM Lite has now been superseded by RPM: Super Basic Edition! Super Basic Edition is a re-release of the original RPM from 2016. It contains more of the core functionality of RPM compared to the original LITE release, though it still contains less than half of the amount of events provided in RPM Plus. 

Super Basic Edtion will be released as-is, with absolutely no support or bug fixes to be applied. Many features have been added or changed since this release, which is only available in the paid version of RPM. 

Update 2-8-20

-Added the Player States Widget. This widget determines which actions the player is performing, and how long they're performing them. Examples include how long the player has been walking, if they wall jumped, if they fell through a platform, if they shorthop, and plenty of other options. This is meant to abstract and consolidate different values RPM uses into a single object so it's easier to check and understand different actions. The Angela player sprite now uses some of these states to determine if certain actions are possible. The widget will be added to the debugger at the start of the frame. 

-Added support for the latest version of volCAMERA by Volnaiskra. If you own a copy, you can paste over certain events to enable its use in RPM. For further documentation on how to use volCAMERA,  contact Volnaiskra on the Clickteam Forumsor on his website!

-Added the ability to toggle collision detection on Jump-Thru platforms. If Flag 31 is activated on any object in the Jump-Thru Platform group, collision detection will be ignored for that object.

-Added Enable Hold Jump to the Player Attributes Widget. This makes it so when the player holds the jump button, the mask will always jump when they land on the ground. This also applies to Wall Jumps.

-Added Aerial Crouch to the Player Attributes Widget. This simply allows you to perform a crouch even while airborne.

-Added QuickTurn Speed to the Player Attributes Widget. When Quick Turn is enabled, this adjusts how fast the player can turn around when they press the 
opposite direction. Originally this used a needlessly complex formula just to reapply the current Deceleration. 

-Added BurstSpeed Deceleration to the Player Attributes Widget. Acceleration was modified so that it no longer applies if it's greater than the MaxXSpeed. This originally caused an issue where if the player continued to hold a direction, they would decelerate quicker than normal than if they made no input. RPM will now slow down the player using the BurstSpeed Deceleration value if they travel faster than normal.

-Modified the Ceiling Detector so now when the player crouches, the object itself will increase in size. This makes it easier for the object to detect any potential narrow platforms to keep the player crouched. This won't apply to any jump-thru slope
platforms, as the Ceiling Detector helps determine if one can be landed on. 

Note that the Crouching state in the mask's "Animations" was cropped. If you added anything that uses YTop on the mask, it will need to be adjusted.

-Modified Push-Out to factor in walking into a potentially tight corner. The mask will be nudged backwards slightly depending on what direction and sensors are
overlapping the background.

-Fixed an issue where Jump Buffer didn't actually work at all. It can now be altered from the Player Attributes Widget, and is enabled by default.
Jump Buffer allows the player a few extra frames to jump after they walk off of a platform. By default, RPM gives 6 frames.

-Fixed an issue where the mask could still be in the Crouching state during a Wall Slide if they did a Crouch Jump.

-Fixed an issue where the climbing animation wouldn't play properly if Crouch Jump was enabled in the Player Mask.

-Renamed Mercy Invunerability to iFrames

-MultiJump in the Player Attributes Widget is disabled by default, but can be re-enabled by simply changing the default MaxMultiJumps value.

-Automatic Detection in the Engine Widget is disabled by default. The default Ground and Top Detect values are now 4.


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

RPM Plus v2.1.01a 1 MB
RPM Standard v1.8.02 558 kB

Download demo

RPM - Super Basic Edition (RPM v1.0) 1 MB
RPMQuickReference.pdf 572 kB
RPM Character Examples (Standard/Plus Edition) 556 kB
RPM Character Examples (Super Basic Edition) 555 kB
RPM Demo Movements 9 MB
Metronome Widget example 17 MB

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This is really cool! Its so cool to see the projects other people have made in Clickteam! You should check out my clickteam platformer engine i put together not to long ago!


I purchased this asset from Clickstore, and it is still in version 1802. How can I get the updated version?

(Could've sworn I've replied to this a while ago, but I don't see the post on the main page so...)

Send me a PM on the Clickteam forums (ragem) with your Clickstore order number and name, and I'll generate a key for you. :)

Hey! I've purchased quite a while ago, but only now got the opportunity to work with it.

Is it compatible with other screen resolutions? Say, if I wanted to have a game available in 1920x1080, 1280x720, 1366x768, etc... What would I need to change to make it work?

Thank you very much. :)

If you're changing the resolution, you'll need to adjust the Global Values "Resolution X" and "Resolution Y" to match the screen size. If you're using the Room Camera Widget (it's the orange R box, it's not created at the start), you'll also need to change the Window Width/Height values as well. These are primarily for the camera object to properly lock it's position when it reaches the edge of the screen. If you're using your own camera system then you don't need to worry about them too much.

Thanks for the support btw! :D

You have no idea how happy I am that it's this simple, hahah! Thanks a bunch for being so quick to answer. :)


 I purchased!!

But I'm not good at English. 

So I want to translate it little by little, but do you have document files etc? Or is there any information in the .mfa file?

Thank you very much.

All of the documentation is in the .mfa file, as part of the Event Editor and a small guide on the Frame Editor. :)

Thank you  reply!!

I always wish you good luck and keep up the great work!

I purchased this asset from Clickstore, and it is still in version 1502. Did Clickstore end support?

It shouldn't have, it's supposed to be on the same version as this one. I don't have direct control over the listing on Clickstore, so I have to re-submit it to them whenever I need an update posted. I'll have to take a look into it when I get more free time.

In the meantime, if you provide me with your Clickstore order number and name, I can provide access to the itch.io download. :)

Ok, I sent you order information via Twitter DM.

Howdy Rage! Long time no see! Good job getting featured in a Clickteam collection!

(1 edit)

Aw snaps man how ya been?! It's been too long ;_; Good to here from ya again! Yeah I gotta say I was totally not expecting Clickteam to back RPM like that, so I guess I did something right. :P

Clickteam collection? Where I can see this?
Well, congratulations, you deserve this attention!