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A new general purpose FastLoop platformer movement engine designed for Clickteam Fusion 2.5! RPM includes:

    • Float-based, for smoother character movement
    • FastLoop-based collision detection, which can be modified even during play
    • Can be Frame Dependent or Frame Independent (Frame Skipping)
    • Character Linkage: Simply add you character to the Group.Player qualifier and the engine automatically applies basic animations and sets it to the mask
    • Group-Based objects: Turn active objects into solid objects, jump-thru platforms, moving platform, ladder, etc.
    • Slopes, including slopes that can be jumped thru the bottom
    • Support for Horizontal, Vertical, Rotating, and even Physics moving platforms
    • Built-in pause function
    • Custom smooth scrolling Camera
    • Options to toggle Jumping, Crawling, Crouch Jumping, Ceiling Slide, Jumping Down Platforms, etc
    • Basic XBOX Controller support, with the option to easily add more thru the Player Input Widget (which the engine reads as input)
    • Basic Metronome, which can detect beats and off-beats, and determine accuracy.
    • Animation Control Widget: Enable or disable any of the basic animations (even from behaviors) to allow custom animations, or used "Forced Animation" to manually control an animation
    • Only uses XBOX Gamepad and Physics extentions, which aren't really required
    • Includes a super basic example starring my character, Angela!
    • 700+ events, including over 150 comments.
    • Basic 2-Player support
    • Generate multiple "rooms" within the same frame
    • Other stuff that I can't quite think of at the moment!

This movement can be used commercially, non-commercially, or for learning purposes. The only stipulations are that the engine source cannot be shared/re-sold, nor can the Angela character be used commercially without explicit permission

This movement was designed on my free time over a period of about 2 years. I stopped using any game-making program for about 6 years before that, and got my hands on Fusion 2.5 during a Steam Sale. This was originally a project meant only for personal use, but later decided to release for others to use. I figured since I won't be getting the resources anytime soon to make an original game, I may as well.

The demonstration file contains an .EXE with 4 examples I developed to see what type of movements I create. This includes Yoshi's Island, an "Out-of-the-Box" sample, a "Greninja Gaiden" type thing (using the excellent sprites by Neweegee), and a basic Shantae example (mostly to test animation). Be sure to read the control file, there's a lot of stuff involved!

The paid version comes with the engine source .mfa and a basic level using one of my own characters. The XBOX Gamepad extension is required to open, which you can get from your extension manager.

All of the demonstrations run on the exact same code, using behaviors and widgets to make each character different.

For legal reasons, the demonstration characters are not included in the paid packaged. They're a free download to show how the engine functions! However, you do need the engine source to actually use them, as they rely on behaviors.

Be sure to experiment and potentially break the thing in half! If you run across any major bugs, please let me know! I'm sure I may have missed a few somewhere...

This was primarily designed around Windows (due to the lack of exporters at the time) so your mileage may vary with other formats.

Special Thanks:

NB-The-Dragon, Neweegee, Luke T., Kritter, DinnerSonic, darkFunction, Volnaiskra, Furriokun, Johnathan Verge, Aroka, Charmandrigo, Zevifa, and tons of others <3

Update 1-4-2017

-Fixed an issue where the camera would warp backwards if reached the right edge of a room.

Update 12-31-16

-Added "Room Camera" Widget. This object creates boundaries for the camera objects to scroll in, allowing the creation of multiple "rooms" within the same frame. This works in conjunction with two new groups and a gadget which are as follows.

-Added "Room Origin" group set, which uses Group.Area. These objects identify each RoomID and their size. Whenever the Room Camera widget matches one of the IDs, it will teleport the widget to its position. This group set needs to be placed on the top-left corner of each "room", and needs to be unique instances.

-Added "Room Teleport" group set, which uses Group.Doors. These objects teleport the player mask to set positions to each room. Whenever the mask touches one a "select" ForEach loop is done to update the Room Camera's RoomID selection.

-Added "Screen Fade" gadget. This is a customized screen fade that allows the game to run while active (the built-in fades pause the game first). By default, the screen fade is triggered when updating the Room Camera widget, by masking the teleportation behind a black screen.

-Added Global Values SpawnX (Value C) and SpawnY (Value D). During the teleport phase, these values are updated whenever the mask touches any object in the Doors group. A preset value in the Doors object will be applied to each one, which the mask will then use to re-position itself.

-Added "Disable Pause" to the Player Input widget. When active, the player can no longer pause the game. This was added to prevent pausing during the teleport phase (which can screw up the camera).

-Fixed an issue where the mask could jump multiple times when overlapping a large Jump-Thru object. This was due to an error with Jump Buffer.

See the full change log here.


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RPM Character Examples (555 kB)


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