RPM Plus v2.3

Update 10-16-20

-Added support for Volnaiskra's VACCiNE 2 input system. VACCiNE 2 is a universal input system that automatically adds support to a multitude of gamepads, without having to manually program them into Fusion yourself.

-Fire3 and Fire4 are now associated with B and Y on the default XBOX configuration.

-The Player Input Object has been expanded to include Triggers/Bumpers/Stick Click by default. This includes hold values and being read in the Input Reader.

-Fire1/2/3/4 now have cardinal directions applied to their name to make it easier to figure out what gamepad button its associated with.

-2-Player Mode has been updated with all of the current changes to RPM. Moving Platforms still isn't quite supported, however.

-Fixed an issue where some calcuations were not consistent when Frame Skip was active, such as the player jump height. deltaTime will now maintain a specific value as long as its within the Target FPS range.

-RPM's internal framerate cap of 120FPS was removed, though 120FPS is still the recommended maximum.

-"_JumpInputMade" in the player mask has been renamed "_TriggerJump". 

-The jump routine can now be activated by setting "_TriggerJump" in the player Mask to "Y". "PlayerPressedJump" in the Player States Widget replaces "_JumpInputMade"'s original functionality.

-The default "JumpInputBuffer" value in the Player Input Widget has been increased to 6.

-The intial jump routine now subtracts 2 pixels from Y instead of 1. This ensures jump will work better at higher framerates.

-deltaTime will now always stay at 1 if Frame Skip is disabled.

-Added LedgeGrab ClimbUpDelay to the Player Attributes Widget. When the player climbs up a ledge (By default, using the Up key), a delay is activated before the player moves up the ledge. This allows time to play an animation of the character climbing up. 

-The Player States Widget has a new state for when the ClimbUp routine is activated.

-Added Disable Ledge ClimbUp Reposition to the Player Attribute Widget. When active, the player will not automatically go to the top of the ledge after the Climb Up delay. The mask will simply fall off unless instructed to move a different way during the delay.

-Added the Ledge Snap detector. This sits between the other two ledge detectors and helps keep the mask locked on the ledge on the Y Axis. If you used Ledge Grab before, it will break without this object!

-Added One Button LedgeDrop to the Player Attributes Widget. When active, you simply have to press one button to drop down (Down key by default), as opposed to holding Down and then Jump/Fire 1.

-Added Ladder Buffer to the Player Attributes Widget. When enabled, the mask will need to overlap any Ladder object a bit closer to its center before it can grab on to it. Disabling it will keep the old system where you can latch on as long as the mask touches it anywhere.

-Added WallSlideJump XSpeed, WallSlideJump YSpeed, and WallSlideDown YSpeed to the Player Attributes Widget. These were originally hard-coded values that controlled how fast the player would move during a Wall Slide routine, but now can be easily modified in the Widget. WallSlideJump affects how far the player will jump off a wall, while WallSlideDown affects how fast the player slides down a wall. Note that the values placed in the Widget will be automatically divided by 10 for the Player Mask.

-Added GroundTime to Player States Widget. This simply counts how many frames the player has been on the ground. It automatically resets if the player leaves the ground.

-Added Disable BoostX Decel flag to the Player Attributes Widget. This allows BoostX to either hold or continually add towards its base value when active.

-Added a horizontal Wind Tunnel gadget, which pushes the player backward when they overlap the object. This object makes use of BoostX and Disable BoostX Decel in the object's behaviors.

-Fixed an issue where BoostX wasn't being factored into deltaTime, so it should now maintain the same pace at different framerates.

-Added Enable Debug Keys to the Engine Widget. You can use this flag to toggle on or off these fuctions instead of disabling the group in the Event Editor. By default, this option is disabled.

-Added Unlink Sprite to Mask to the Engine Widget. When active, the player sprite will no longer attach itself to the player mask.

-Angle Detection now works if the player is moving with BoostX.

-"PlayerDroppedThruPlatform" in the Player States Widget will now reset to "N" if the player's YSpeed is lower than 0.

-Fixed an issue where Manual Position on the Master Camera Object did not function properly. All of the events that originally containted actions that moved the Camera (including those found in the Movement, Pushout, and Room Camera groups) were consoldaited into the Camera Setup group. These actions are now disabled when Manual Position is activated.

-Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck in scenery if they tried to jump under a very low ceiling. RPM now forces Crouch Jump to activate if it detects a low ceiling while the player is crouching, preventing the mask from changing size when you jump. _CrouchJumpCheck was added to the Engine Widget to detect if Crouch Jump was enabled at the start of the frame. If not, Crouch Jump will disable itself once the ceiling is clear.

-Fixed an issue where the player would be pushed back if they crawled into a wall while in a tight space.

-Fixed an issue where the player could still jump in mid-air if they set Max Jumps to 1. 

-Fixed an issue where the player couldn't climb up properly if the mask was standing on the ground.

-Fixed an issue where Jump Buffer could be repeatidly triggered by hold both the Left and Right keys simutaneously.

-The Floor Detector can now detect ladders from a further distance when standing over one.

-The conveyer gadget now uses BoostX to move the player instead of using RePosX directly.

-The Super Basic Stage now has a small area to test crouch jumps, and a sloped area that goes into a ceiling. Also added are new curved sloped platforms in various areas.

-The Quick Reference guide has been updated to reflect the current version of RPM Plus. Note that it may go over features not found in the Standard or Super Basic Edition of RPM.


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