RPM Plus v2.1

-Added the Player States WidgetThis widget determines which actions the player is performing, and how long they're performing them. Examples include how long the player has been walking, if they wall jumped, if they fell through a platform, if they shorthop, and plenty of other options. This is meant to abstract and consolidate different values RPM uses into a single object so it's easier to check and understand different actions. The Angela player sprite now uses some of these states to determine if certain actions are possible. The widget will be added to the debugger at the start of the frame. 

-Added support for the latest version of volCAMERA by Volnaiskra. If you own a copy, you can paste over certain events to enable its use in RPM. For further documentation on how to use volCAMERA,  contact Volnaiskra on the Clickteam Forumsor on his website!

-Added the ability to toggle collision detection on Jump-Thru platforms. If Flag 31 is activated on any object in the Jump-Thru Platform group, collision detection will be ignored for that object.

-Added Enable Hold Jump to the Player Attributes Widget. This makes it so when the player holds the jump button, the mask will always jump when they land on the ground. This also applies to Wall Jumps.

-Added Aerial Crouch to the Player Attributes Widget. This simply allows you to perform a crouch even while airborne.

-Added QuickTurn Speed to the Player Attributes Widget. When Quick Turn is enabled, this adjusts how fast the player can turn around when they press the  opposite direction. Originally this used a needlessly complex formula just to reapply the current Deceleration. 

-Added BurstSpeed Deceleration to the Player Attributes Widget. Acceleration was modified so that it no longer applies if it's greater than the MaxXSpeed. This originally caused an issue where if the player continued to hold a direction, they would decelerate quicker than normal than if they made no input. RPM will now slow down the player using the BurstSpeed Deceleration value if they travel faster than normal.

-Modified the Ceiling Detector so now when the player crouches, the object itself will increase in size. This makes it easier for the object to detect any potential narrow platforms to keep the player crouched. This won't apply to any jump-thru slope platforms, as the Ceiling Detector helps determine if one can be landed on. 

Note that the Crouching state in the mask's "Animations" was cropped. If you added anything that uses YTop on the mask, it will need to be adjusted.

-Modified Push-Out to factor in walking into a potentially tight corner. The mask will be nudged backwards slightly depending on what direction and sensors are overlapping the background.

-Fixed an issue where Jump Buffer didn't actually work at all. It can now be altered from the Player Attributes Widget, and is enabled by default. Jump Buffer allows the player a few extra frames to jump after they walk off of a platform. By default, RPM gives 6 frames.

-Fixed an issue where the mask could still be in the Crouching state during a Wall Slide if they did a Crouch Jump.

-Fixed an issue where the climbing animation wouldn't play properly if Crouch Jump was enabled in the Player Mask.

-Renamed Mercy Invunerability to iFrames

-MultiJump in the Player Attributes Widget is disabled by default, but can be re-enabled by simply changing the default MaxMultiJumps value.

-Automatic Detection in the Engine Widget is disabled by default. The default Ground and Top Detect values are now 4.


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Feb 09, 2020

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