RPM Plus v2.2

-deltaTime was reworked to allow better support for framerates up to 120FPS. "_Ticks" was added to the Engine Widget to work in conjunction with Fusions internal timer, and works automatically when Frame Skip is enabled. 

-"_FrameSkip Sync" in the Engine Widget is now called "_deltaTime".

-Target FPS was re-added back the Engine Widget, which now changes Fusion's internal framerate at the start of the frame. This value is now used to apply proper deltaTime when Frame Skip is disabled, allowing you to use different framerates without having to enable Frame Skip.

-Frame Skip is now enabled by default. You can also alter the framerate during gameplay using Y (30FPS), U (60FPS), I (90FPS), O (120FPS), and P ("144FPS"). This is part of the Debug Keys group and can be removed by disabling this group.

-Fixed an issue where NPC Mask objects added too much X/YSpeed compared to what was actually set, and can now change its speed properly at different framerates.

-Added Surface Finder detectors. This is a series of detectors that looks for any platform directly below the player, and determines the distance between the ground and where the player is (located in the Player States widget). The Surface Confirm detector will be permanently affixed to the ground, while the Surface Finder will search for any new platforms the player may jump over to reposition Surface Confirm. You can find the new events in Mask Setup > Character/Detector Position > Surface Finder. 

-Surface Detection Check was added to the Engine Widget to determine how far to check down, defaulting to 50.

-Angle Detection now relies on the Surface Finder detector to detect angles. This allows it to  determine the angle of the ground surface even if the player is airborne. Previously it only worked while the player was physically on the ground, which could lead to potential errors depending on how steep the platform was.

-Fixed an issue where the angle detectors could glitch out if the player walked on a moving platform from a solid surface.

-Offset Sprite by Angle was reworked to now only function while the player is on ground, since Angle Detection can now work while airborne.

-Added Enable Ledge Grab to the Player Attributes Widget. When enabled, the player will be able to grab on to the edge of any backdrop or Solid Object and either jump up from the ledge or drop down by pressing Down + Jump or moving in the opposite direction. Two new detectors, Ledge Blocker and Ledge Confirm, were added to accomodate this. Note that this is primarily intended for Backdrops and Solid Objects, Jump-Thru Objects are not fully supported though you can find events for it located in Player Mask > Special Actions > Ledge Grab. An early version of climbing up a ledge can also be found in this section and can be enabled if you wish.

-Moving Platforms were re-worked to now base its movement on internal FloatX/FloatY values (Alterable Value AA/AB) rather than the raw position Fusion normally uses. This was changed to allow moving platforms to work properly at different framerates, and allows for more precise movement speeds. A Toggle Buffer (Alterable Value AC) was added for platforms that use Horizontal/Vertical movement to ensure they change directions properly with the new system.

-Added Enable Moving Platform Momentum to the Player Attributes Widget. When enabled, the player mask will retain the speed of the moving platform when they jump off of one. Note that Aerial Momentum needs to be active for this to work properly, and the mask won't move faster than its current maximum XSpeed unless BurstSpeed Decel is reduced to 0.

-The Camera object was also completely reworked to use FloatX/Y to move around, while solving issues with it sometimes not completely overlapping the Master Camera (the object it follows). The starting speed has been adjusted to be 0.10, and is now part of the "Move with Mask" group.

-Player Attributes, Angle Detection, Animation Control, and 8 Direction Widgets are now global by default.

-Flag 1 of the Master Camera was renamed "Set Offset to Player Speed", and is now disabled by default.

-The Start Position Widget now factors in the Camera's FloatX/Y at the start of the frame.


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Jun 16, 2020

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