RPM Plus v2.1.01

-Added BoostX to the Player Mask, BoostX Decel to the Player Attributes Widget, and PlayerBoosting to the Player States Widget. This is an additional layer of speed that can stack on top of the current XSpeed of the player. Use Num.Pad 4 and 6 for a temporary boost in speed. This utilizes the RePosX feature of the Attributes Widget, so keep that in mind if you use it for something else. Note that by default RPM will not apply any animations while boosting, so special animations need to be manually added.

-Added a simple Wind Tunnel gadget that pushes the player upwards. If you hold the jump button, the player can launch out higher.

-RePosX/RePosY will no longer apply if a detector collides with a wall, as opposed to relying only on pushout.

-Redid the Ceiling Detector scaling to factor in different mask sizes. The Engine Widget now records the mask's original width and height at the start of the frame to determine how large the detector should be when the player crouches. The ceiling detector ideally should be about 6 pixels high.

-The size of the mask when crouching was adjusted to be 12 pixels by default, or half of the original size. 

-The Pushout strength can now be modified in the Engine Widget.

-The default Ground Correction Loops value is now 30

-The default Stick To Ground value is now 3.

-Fixed an issue where the mask would sometimes be pushed back a few pixels if you jumped into a wall.

-Fixed an issue where disabling Player Collisions didn't completely disable all collisions.

-Fixed an issue where using Player Pause would still add towards FloatX/FloatY, which would hinder collisions and the camera.

-Fixed an issue where the Climbing animation wouldn't play if Ignore Player Pause was active.


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Feb 15, 2020

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