RPM Plus v2.0.01

Update 4-13-19

-Changed "Auto Side Detect" to "Automatic Detection" in the Engine Widget. This changes the detect values (Aside from SlopeDetect) in the Mask object depending on how fast its going. This is now enabled by default.

-Added a HTML5 compatible version of RPM's code into the main event editor (NOT the Global Editor!). A few things need to be modified first before trying to export, which is explained in the comments. Apparently HTML5 doesn't like certain kinds of Nested Events?

-The Player2 Mask is now a Global Object.

-Fixed an issue where the mask couldn't always fit into a tight space. The SlopeCheck detector should be a few pixels wider than the mask itself.

-The mask is no longer able to jump if it detects a top collision. This prevents collision errors if the mask tries to jump in a tight space.


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Apr 13, 2019

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