RPM v1.7

Update 1-04-18

-This update requires Fusion 2.5 Build 290 or higher, because...

-Many of the Player Attributes functions are now integrated into the Player Mask object as Flags, to take advantage of new features recently added to Fusion. The Engine and Animation Control Widget also has moved various functions to flags 

All functions that have been moved are labeled with "REPLACE" if you previously used this function. Later updates will fill in these attributes with new features without having to make more widgets due to the Alt.Value limits.

-For compatability reasons (i.e. your Fusion build is below 290), RPM v1.6.02 is included, which does not use the new Flags.

-The RPM Character files have been updated to use these Flags.

-All of the widget functions have been transferred from behaviors into the main Event Editor screen ,to avoid any potential mis-calculations due to a previous error found with the Position Limiter in the Engine Widget

-"Target FPS" has been renamed "Game Speed" in the Engine Widget

-Added "Sprite Offset X" and "Sprite Offset Y" to the Engine Widget. Use this feature to reposition the player sprite manually around the player mask.

-Fixed an issue where the camera would shake if the player was on a moving platform near the edge of the frame.


RPM v1.7 605 kB
Jan 04, 2018
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Jan 04, 2018

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