RPM v1.7.01

-Added Air Dash, Wall Slide, and Multi-Jump to the Player Attributes Widget:

Air Dash will let the player dash forward in the air by pressing forward twice.

Wall Slide will let the player slide down a wall and jump off of it, not unlike the Megaman X series.

Multi-Jump allows the player to jump multiple times in the air, depending on what value you set. As the player jumps, the jump height is reduced.

All of these actions can be toggled on and off through Flags in the Player Attribules Widget. Multi-Jump is enabled by default in the Super Basic Stage. You can further modify them in the event editor as well.

-The Room Camera Widget is no longer created at the start in the Blank template

-Fixed an issue where the RePos X/Y would affect the player movement if you stood on a moving platform

-Fixed an issue where the Player Mask was missing flags in the Blank template


RPM v1.7.01 610 kB
Jan 06, 2018

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