RPM v1.8 & RPM Lite FINAL

Update 1-28-2019

-Added Slope Slow Down, which causes the player to slow down when walking up a slope. "SlopeUp WalkXSpeedMax" and "SlopeUp DashXSpeedMax" were added to the Player Attributes Widget to determine the speeds. "SlopeUp Incline" was added to the Angle Detection Widget to determine which angle will cause the slow down. To use this feature you need to enable Angle Detection and SlopeUp SlowDown in the Player Mask.

-Added JumpInputMade to the Player Mask. This simply checks to see if the player performed a Jump Input before going airborne. Can be used to make the mask do different things in the air if the player never actually jumped. This resets once the player is back on the ground.

-The Quick Reference Guide and Group List comments have now been transferred over to a separate document. The text has been updated to reflect the newest changes to RPM and also includes a few image guides for certain actions. The document is free to download for all, but its specifically tailored for the full version for RPM. Some features can be used in the LITE version of RPM.

This was released separately as this will likely be updated independently from RPM itself.

-Removed the option for Angle Detection in the Engine Control Object. You now just need to enable this function in the Mask object.

-Angle detection for Jump-Thru Slopes now uses a flag instead of a binary value.

-Letting go of Dash now properly decelerates the player instead of snapping to the original XSpeed

-Letting go of Dash while Aerial Momentum is active will keep the same speed in the air

-Fixed an issue where the player could potentially get stuck if they jumped just before landing at low Ground Detect values

-Renamed various Attributes to make it slightly less confusing on what each one does

Global: "_" have been put in front of values that RPM changes automatically during play. These values shouldn't be changed in the Frame Editor, but can be checked/modified in the Event Editor

Player Mask:

XMax/YMax - XSpeedMax/YSpeedMax FloatX/FloatY - FloatXPosition/FloatYPosition Absolute Speed - AbsoluteXSpeed Jump Speed - JumpYSpeed Jump Release - ShortHopFallSpeed Weight - FallYSpeed Dash - DashXSpeed

Player Attributes:

Walk Speed - Walk XSpeedMax Fall Speed - Fall YSpeedMax Jump Strength - Jump YSpeed Jump Release - ShortHop FallingSpeed Jump Release Limit - ShortHop YSpeedLimit Alter Walk Speed - Alter WalkSpeed with XSpeed

Animation Widget:

All - ActivateDefaultAnimations Enable Forced Animation - ActivateCustomAnimation Forced Frame - CustomAni Frame Forced Length - CustomAni Length Forced Speed - CustomAni FrameSpeed Forced Loop - CustomAni Loop

Metronome Widget:

Beats Per Measure - BeatsPerBar EvenOdd Measure - EvenOddBar

Engine Control Widget:

Frame Sync - FrameSkip Sync

-RPM Lite now supports Jump-Thru platforms and removes the padlock from the previous version to allow you to edit the events. Certain events have been updated (or removed entirely) to bring some parity to the current version of RPM. Note that RPM Lite still won't get the same support as the full version and has less than half of events (~300 in Lite vs. ~1200 in Full).

Note that no further releases or support will be given to the LITE version of RPM, including possible bugs. To get the latest on RPM, you'll need to purchase the complete version of RPM.


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Jan 29, 2019
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Jan 29, 2019

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