RPM v1.8.02

-Added support for Volnaiskra's volCAMERA. Inculded is a slightly modified version of volCAMERA's basic settings to make it compatible with RPM. If you've purchased volCAMERA already, simply paste over some code and you can activate volCAMERA in the Engine Control widget. More details are in the Event Editor.

-Added Group.7: Jump-Thru Slope. Objects in this group are sloped active objects that the player can jump or pass through. This is part of an overhaul for jump-thru platforms to make landing on them more accurate. The Jump-Thru Slopes option in the Engine Widget is now automatic based on what group you're standing on. This also helps eliminate jitters when the Stick To Ground option in the Engine Widget is higher than 2 while on a jump-thru object.

-Fixed an issue where using Wall Slide next to a spring object would cause the mask to ignore it. The behavior was also adjusted to ensure the player will only wall slide again after reaching the apex. 


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Feb 06, 2019

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