RPM Plus v2.0

Update 4-4-19

Welcome to the next stage of RPM, RPM Plus! (officially v2.0) This is a new version of RPM that utilizes the enhanced features created for the new Fusion 2.5+ DLC. The original RPM is still available and will receive minor updates (as v1.9 going forward), RPM Plus is now the main focus.  

-All RPM events are now global. This means you no longer have to paste RPM's code into every frame, and any updates will also apply.  -Almost every event have been re-optimizted to take advantage of Fusion 2.5+'s Child Events. This makes modifying various aspects much less time consuming and easier. -The "Use Detectors" option in the Engine Widget now takes up signifcantly less resources. -2-Player RPM has been updated to reflect the new changes, with very few compromises between players. -Qualifiers have now been renamed and have new icons to make them easier to see in the Event Editor. -DirectX 11 is now the default display option. -The sizes and hotspots of the detectors have been adjusted. -Added AirDashLimitAirDashXSpeedAirDashYSpeed, and WallSlideBuffer to the Player Attributes Widget. These were previously hard-coded values, but now can be modified here.

AirDashLimit determines how long Air Dash lasts AirDashXSpeed/YSpeed determines how fast the mask goes in either direction WallSlideBuffer determines how long before the mask falls off if no player input is made 

-Fixed an issue where SlopeUp SlowDown could potentially slow down the mask if it traveled too fast.


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Apr 05, 2019

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